Mayor Pete Muldoon Replaces Trump/Pence Picture with Shoshone Chief Washakie at Town Hall


Despite the sentiment behind Washakie’s photo in Town Hall, using it as a replacement for President Trump is seen by some people as disrespectful. I challenge the idea it is “disrespectful,” when Trump supporters mean disloyal.

Traditionally government buildings are adorned with pictures of the United States’ chief executives. Mayor Pete Muldoon, however, recently decided to break with the custom and replaced the pictures of President Trump and Vice President Pence near the entrance of Town Hall with one of former Shoshone Chief Washakie.

“Our town government takes a lot of pride in the details, in getting it right, in working together, in respecting all members of the community, in service to the public and in competence,” he said. “Our current president shows no interest in any of these things, and I think it sends the wrong message when we honor him.

“If I was the CEO of a trusted investment firm,” he said, “I wouldn’t have a portrait of Bernie Madoff hanging in the lobby, and having a portrait of Donald Trump hanging in Town Hall seems like the same thing to me.”

Let us discuss a few reasons why there is also a 24-foot statue of Shoshone Indian chief Washakie, by Cody, Wyoming, sculptor Dave McGary, … on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, and why supporting ideals of Chief Washakie’s statesmanship and bravery threatens Trump Loyalists.

First of all, Chief Washakie was a statesman who “sat in treaty councils and negotiations with Mormon elder Brigham Young, and secured the Wind River Reservation as the homeland of the Eastern Shoshones.” On the other hand,

Trump and his team shocked the Europeans by their ignorance of the bloc’s trade policy, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung, repeatedly suggesting America had different trade deals with Germany and Belgium.


If you are a Tr*mp Loyalist and truth is contrary to propaganda, you wouldn’t say it’s “disloyal,” you’d call it “disrespectful.”

Next, Chief Washakie was a warrior who was “buried here (Yellowstone) with full military honors on February 20, 1900, a ceremony no other Indian chief has ever received.” Tr*mp shall receive no such honor.

Lastly, “Chief Washakie earned a reputation that lives on to this day — fierce warrior, skilled politician and diplomat, great leader of the Shoshone people, friend to white men…the small town named in his honor in northwest Wyoming.” Tr*mp has a reputation of being cowardly, weak in character, a dangerous diplomat for the world, and only Nazis and white supremacists want his name associated with them. Also, Tr*mp is a notorious liar.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted in the days following Comey’s appearance before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 45 percent of voters said they trust Comey more to tell the truth, compared to 32 percent for Trump. Twenty-three percent have no opinion.

Beginning with “It has always been my fervent hope and policy through these long years to maintain peace and harmony. It is my earnest prayer that you will follow the footsteps I have made for you,” Chief Washakie has the last words.

“The white man, who possesses this whole vast country from sea to sea, who roams over it at pleasure and lives where he likes, cannot know the cramp we feel in this little spot, with the underlying remembrance of the fact, which you know as well as we, that every foot of what you proudly call America not very long ago belonged to the red man. The Great Spirit gave it to us. There was room for all His many tribes, and all were happy in their freedom.”

That, is what in my opinion Tr*ump loyalists really mean to deny when they say using it as a replacement is disrespectful.There was room for all His many tribes, and all were happy in their freedom,” indeed.

“An analogy is haunting the United States,” writes American political scientist Sheri Berman, “the analogy of fascism.”

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