Modern Manifest Destiny: Peltier Behind Bars; Apathy While Classrooms Rot – 1

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Surely, the United States has a divine right to maintain its rich “American expansion” it so justly obtained by forced slave labor, forced relocation, and genocide –

Manifest Destiny is a term for the attitude prevalent during the 19th century period of American expansion that the United States not only could, but was destined to, stretch from coast to coast. This attitude helped fuel western settlement, Native American removal and war with Mexico.

while so justly obtained. Peltier stays in prison, pipelines are given a green light, all to maintain the “western settlement,” which has taken several decades to start banning mascots. One decade or less and there will be a ”Tomahawk Chop” when Peltier’s second death sentence finds its victim in a hate crime.

In 2011, for example, the U.S. Department of Justice did not prosecute 65 percent of rape cases that occurred on reservations. A recent study conducted by the DOJ found that over 90 percent report experiencing violence from a non-tribal member. According to government statistics, Native American and Alaskan Native women are over 2.5 more times like to be sexually assaulted than other women in the country. While such crimes committed on reservation land go unpunished, corporations freely establish themselves on or near Native lands. Police violence against Natives in these rural areas is equally unaccounted for.

“There’s a sense that the Federal government doesn’t particularly care about Native people, and that even if one tries there’s usually no help,” said Haylee Kushi TD ‘18 (Kanaka Maoli), a member of Hilo HawaiʻI, the Indigenous people of the Hawaiian Islands, and new president of the Association of Native Americans At Yale.

But that maintains the “western settlement,” doesn’t it? “The U.S. Department of Justice did not prosecute 65 percent of rape cases that occurred on reservations.” Who cares? Keep ‘em in their place, the “western settlement” still needs the land.…:

“Corporations freely establish themselves on or near Native lands.” How convenient, the “better to steal land for the ‘western settlement’,” my dear.

… the current path of the pipeline is actually a reroute itself, with critics calling this reroute an act of “environmental racism.”

A previously proposed route for the 1,172-mile pipeline had it crossing the Missouri River north of Bismarck, North Dakota, according to a document filed as part of the permitting process.

And since the Indian Boarding Schools had to be closed down, “western settlement” does as little as humanly possible.

The federal government has repeatedly acknowledged and even lamented its failure to provide adequate education for Native American children. Now, nine Native children are taking to the courts to force Washington to take action.

God said all this land is for white Europeans; He said all Africans were to be slaves and all Indians were to be slaughtered.

“I do not desire to hang you men. It is the law.”… theocracy.jpg

But hey, it’s alright – as long as the “western settlement” keeps getting its blood – benefits.

the belief that the US was a chosen land that had been allotted the entire North American continent by God

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