Cherokee and the Right to Vote

Some Cherokee Visions

June 28, 2010 admin 3

( – promoted by navajo) When cultures are undergoing rapid change, the people are often unsure, and sometimes afraid, of the future. At these times, […]

American Indian Voting Rights

Voting and Native Languages

May 14, 2010 admin 0

( – promoted by navajo) The federal election voter guide is now available in the four most commonly spoken Native American/Alaska Native languages:  Cherokee, Dakota, […]

Wilma Mankiller

Wilma Mankiller

April 10, 2010 admin 0

A memorial service for Chief Wilma Mankiller was held today at the Cherokee Nation Cultural Grounds in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She died earlier this week at […]

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

April 9, 2010 admin 0

In 1838, the United States Army rounded up the Cherokee who were living in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama. Mounted soldiers, using their bayonets […]