Cheyenne Warrior

Roman Nose, Cheyenne Warrior

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While the Algonquian-speaking Cheyenne are generally considered a Plains Indian tribe, they actually moved onto the Plains from what is now Minnesota. As a result […]

Chief Sealth (Seattle)

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Sealth was born about 1786. His father, Schweabe, was Suquamish and his mother, Scholitza, was Duwamish. As a young boy in 1792, he witnessed the […]


Kennekuk, Kickapoo Leader and Prophet

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When a society is undergoing rapid change—economic and technological change, religious change, language change, social change—and particularly when that change is being imposed on them […]


Skolaskin, A Sanpoil Prophet

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The Columbia Plateau refers to the area between the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Western Montana. The […]

James Welch, Novelist

James Welch, Novelist

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In 1966, Richard Hugo was teaching a poetry class at the University of Montana. One of his students was James Welch who had been born […]