Photo Diary: Shiloh Indian Mounds

Located inside the Shilo Battlefield National Military Park is the Indian Mounds National Park. This is a Mississipian-culture village, inhabited between roughly 1000 and 1400 CE with the remains of a number of artificial mounds. Some were ceremonial, some were burial sites, and some were houses.

Some photos from a visit:

DSCN4842 The park DSCN4886 The village was once surrounded by a wooden stockade wall. This low ridge is all that remains of it. DSCN4851 A “Borrow Pit” from which dirt was dug to build the mounds DSCN4859 Looking across the town’s central plaza towards one of the mounds DSCN4862 Another mound DSCN4880 Two mounds near each other DSCN4867 Pathway to the top of one of the mounds DSCN4868 View of the Tennessee River

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