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The Sonoran Desert stretches across Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora (Mexico). It is a hot, dry place. It is also the homeland for Indian people […]

Invading Mexico in the 1880s

Invading Mexico in the 1880s

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In the 1880s, the American wars against the Apache Indians ignored the border between the United States and Mexico, and the American military often ignored […]

Pueblo Weaving

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For more than a thousand years, American Indian agriculturalists have been living in villages in what is now Arizona and New Mexico. When the Spanish […]

The Hopi and the Spanish

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The Spanish entrada (entrance) into the American Southwest began during the sixteenth century with explorers who were driven by greed. The Spanish hunger for gold […]

The War Against the Yavapai

The War Against the Yavapai

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In 1865, some drunken American squatters murdered Pai headman Anasa. In retaliation, Pai raiders attacked several wagon trains, ran off livestock, and shut down the […]

The Hopi Reservation

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The Hopi had lived in their mesa-top villages in what is now northern Arizona for many centuries before the United States acquired the right to […]