Farmers on the Northern Plains

The Kowa

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The Kiowa speak a language which linguists classify as a part of the Tanoan language family and is related to the Pueblos of Taos, Jemez, […]

The Kiowa

Kiowa Religion

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While the Kiowa today have a reservation in Oklahoma, their own oral tradition as well as that of other tribes tells of their migrations from […]

The Red River War

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After 1871, the United States’ policies regarding American Indian nations was no longer based on negotiating treaties, but on concentrating Indians onto reservations where they […]

Breaking Treaties

Breaking Treaties

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A treaty is an agreement between two or more sovereign nations. Under the U.S. Constitution, Indian tribes are considered sovereign nations-or as dependent domestic nations, […]

The Kiowa

The Kiowa

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( – promoted by navajo) The Southern Plains is an area of rolling prairie grasslands with timbered areas along stream valleys. It lies south of […]