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INDN’s List has worked on 45 winning campaigns for American Indian candidates across the nation and significantly increased voter turnout throughout Indian Country over the past five years.  We are working daily with candidates to win this November and working with our partners to help increase turnout in Indian Country.  But there’s more that we can do.

That’s why INDN’s List has created a comprehensive social media plan to engage American Indians across the country and reach out to people who have not participated in the political process.  

But we need your help!

Please  join us on Facebook ( and Twitter (  On Facebook, after liking our page (at the top), please  suggest our page (under the picture) to your friends and family.  On Twitter, after following us, please take a moment to send a tweet out asking your friends and family to follow us as well.

Social media will help us better communicate with our supporters.  We want you to not just join our Facebook page and Twitter page but more importantly to join the conversation.  Let us know what is going on in your community.  Share your ideas for what we can do to help more American Indian candidates and increase the Democratic vote up and down the ballot.  Help us reach out to your social network.

Thank you for your time and your help!  Together, we can help make a real difference for Indian Country!

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